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Going to Cancún? How about a great jungle hike?

Written by John Pint

Cancún is a planned city, developed by entrepreneurs as an alternative to Acapulco. At its inception in 1970, the 22-kilometer-long island had only three residents, all caretakers of a coconut plantation. The name Cancún means “full of snakes,” and there used to be 60 species registered on the island, but today they are all gone, and Cancún is now full of hotels, which, in turn, are full of tourists.

One of Cancún’s coolest guides is Darío Ferreira, co-founder of the Nature Geek Squad ( local experts in creating ecologically responsible, off-the-beaten-path adventures.

“Tell me a bit about hiking in and around Cancún,” I asked Ferreira. “What would you recommend for people who love nature?”

“There are places to go walking or cycling in Cancún,” he replied, “and they are working on creating parks, but for me, this is not senderismo (hiking and trekking on a trail). So I’m going to tell you about a few places I love to go to, not far from Cancún, where y