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Happy Earth Day! Here are five places to explore near Guadalajara

Happy Earth Day, Volpi Outdoor Gear lovers! Trekking outdoors, whether through showy peaks, across desert basins or weaving through lush forests, brings us together, and that's why our Volpi team values creating quality gear to boost accessibility and enthusiasm for being outdoors.

Hiking is not as prevalent in Mexico as in Europe or the United States, so that’s why this Earth Day, we are sharing five ways you can get outside near Guadalajara, where we are headquartered, for our aunties, friends and neighbors who want to engage more in the outdoors. And for our international Volpi lovers, perhaps this is your sign to make a trip to Guadalajara!

We hope you can connect with the beautiful world around you this Earth Day no matter where you are because the more we get outside, the more we remember how precious our Earth truly is.

Rio Caliente

Hiking / Swimming

Located about an hour’s drive from downtown Guadalajara, el Rio Caliente promises what it is named– a hot river. Heated by natural hot springs, this river in the Bosque La Primavera can heat up to 70 degrees Celcius or 158 Fahrenheit! There is a small fee to enter the park, but once parked, there are lots of trails to explore, as well as beach walking and swimming in the main river where there is a faint smell of sulfur, but the water is warm but safe to swim. Our recommendation? Hike up along the streams that feed the main river to find incredible waterfalls and jade-green pools!

El Diente

Hike / Climb

With giant teeth-shaped rocks, this popular spot for climbers and hikers is just a 40-minute drive from downtown. There are many trails through this mountain called Cerro de San Esteban, and one only needs to pay a small fee to enter the serene park. Hiking higher up the mountain, you can enjoy the shade in the oak trees of the Nixticuil forest and see beautiful city views.

Here is one option for a short, fun ascent:

Remember that trails here are unmarked; downloading a map beforehand is always a good idea.

Interested in seeing the climbing routes at El Diente? Check out this guide:

Bosque Colomos

Hiking / Horseback Riding

Can’t get outside the city, or are you looking for trails and green spaces without the time or money to dedicate to a longer adventure? Bosque Colomos is a great outdoor option for people who want to be immersed in a beautiful, large urban park right in the city. There is a small fee to park, but one can enter on foot free of charge. While the park has no arduous treks, several nice dirt walking paths wind for miles. Bosque Colomos is also a great spot to explore with friends and family, as there are sports courts, a well-manicured Japanese garden and the option to rent horses to ride with guides.

Want to learn more? Check out this site:

Nevado de Colima

Hiking / Camping

For those of you looking for more of a challenge and a full-day adventure, summiting Nevado de Colima is a favorite for the most adventure-seeking Tapatios (people who live in Guadalajara). About a three-hour drive SouthWest of Guadalajara, hiking along the forests and through rocky outcroppings is well worth the drive. The most popular trail to the summit is only 4.7 kilometers or just under 3 miles but don’t be deceived by the length, for in that time, you climb 566 meters or 1857 feet! For those that reach the 4260-meter or 13976-foot summit, the views of the volcano of Zapotepetl and the surrounding vistas are breathtaking. There is a fee to enter the national park, but one doesn’t need permits, even to camp at the two designated campgrounds.

Want more information on the trails and campgrounds? Check out this site:

La Primavera

Hiking / Mountain Biking

Bosque La Primavera is a large protected forest bordering the western side of Guadalajara. It is home to over 30,000 hectares of pine and oak forests filled with mountain biking and hiking trails. Absorbing much of Guadalajara’s carbon emissions and home to many species of protected flora and fauna, Bosque La Primavera was named a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2006. Many conservation efforts are made to maintain the beauty of the area. There are countless trails here to explore; one of our favorite longer routes is Cerro el Culobreado, a 19.5-kilometer or 12-mile loop to summit the mountain Culobreado; watch out for mountain bikers zooming by if you are on foot!

More information on the history and importance of La Primavera can be found here:

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