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As an outdoor gear company we are not only committed to selling high-quality backpacks, we also want to help foster a love of hiking and getting outdoors. 

We are based in Mexico, a country where hiking is not very popular due to lack of infrastructure and safety concerns. There are many incredible trails around the country and we hope to inspire more people to safely explore what Mexico has to offer

John Pint, a speleologist and writer, who has lived in Jalisco, Mexico for over 30 years, has written about many of the amazing hikes in different parts of Mexico. In an effort to consolidate this information and continue to make these trails for accessibile we have partnered with him to share some of his guides here on our site. To read more of John's work you can purchase his book here

"I've lived in lots of places and Mexico wins over all of them"

-- John Pint

See our blog for more hiking inspiration:

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